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We help savvy professionals bring their best to work by using our intimate knowledge of today’s top companies and leaders to recalibrate careers, test assumptions and (re)define personal brands.

Smart Savvy’s resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization services will help tell your story better than anyone else.

As a people performance company, we specialize in finding marketing and communications talent in the Pacific North West, and we see A LOT of resumes and LinkedIn profiles. And we get it—no one’s favourite weekend activity is updating their resume or tweaking their social profiles. But, relying on the same old over-used superlatives and Mac book template you’ve had for five years isn’t going to land you that dream job.

We know what employers really want—and it goes way beyond experience and knowledge. We craft resumes and tune-up social profiles based on our up-to-date knowledge of what hiring managers and CEOs want to hear and see from you.

Need a second set of eyes?

Resume Report Card

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Resume Services

What are Your Resume Needs?

Resume or LinkedIn profile need an overhaul? Or simply looking to see how your resume or LinkedIn will be received? We have a package for you!
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Resume Report Card

Need a second set of eyes? Marketing, communications and sales professionals can have their resume professionally evaluated and receive...

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One of the services that Smart and Savvy provided in addition to the career coaching was a through review and tailoring of my CV. This was much more than an edit. It started with a consultation with Sheryl that explored my accomplishments on paper, my management style, personal and team achievements, and outside interests. The result was a resume that largely had the same content, but was presented in a way that was far more meaningful. It is a process I would recommend to everyone. Having a second eye to highlight a candidates accomplishment is invaluable as inherently self written resume’s are composed in such a way that they either oversell or undersell a candidate. Sheryl’s work struck the balance of being compelling but remaining humble.
Salim Kassam, Vice President, Marketing, Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club
Smart Savvy’s Resume Report Card Service is excellent. They know how to craft resumes that make you stand out from the crowd. The feedback I received helped fine-tune my resume to highlight my experience and personal brand. After working with Smart Savvy, I know my resume not only showcases my skills, but also demonstrates who I am and where I’m heading in my career. My experience with Smart Savvy gave me confidence when applying for my current position. The Smart Savvy team has a deep knowledge of what organizations want from candidates. I would highly recommend getting in touch with them before applying for your next position!
Xenia Dandridge, Communications & Education Coordinator, Metro Vancouver
Smart Savvy provided a much-needed set of fresh eyes to distill what was important, organize it efficiently and incorporate impactful language to create a credible and authentic resume. Their LinkedIn insights were invaluable to optimize my profile while maximizing the latest LinkedIn functionality to ensure my profile stands out.
Mark Corak, Group Head, cleansheet communications
I had previously had compliments on my resume but wanted it to be an another level and done professionally. From the feedback I received on my resume, I felt the full service was only going to improve it that much more - from what I received I was truly impressed. I wasn’t sure how to express my strengths or areas that should be broadcasted, and that’s essentially what was done for me – show me those strong points and express it in a professional way.
Aaron Riemersma, National Account Manager, Kincrome Quality Tools
Thank you very much for this assessment [Resume Report Card]! Very thorough and I'm very impressed.
Kevin Chan, Communications Manager, Developmental Disabilities Association