Annual program to build focused and connected teams that drive results.

The Team Advance

Build focused and connected teams that drive results.

Why retreat when you can advance?

Our Team Advance Program focuses your team and establishes clarity, alignment and accountability on how to craft and achieve annual goals.  It also forges and creates team awareness and connection and brings your values into play. In short, Team Advance sets your team up for success and impressive results for the year ahead.

The Team Advance Program leverages best practices from Objectives and Key Results (OKR), a leadership process that focuses on setting, communicating and monitoring quarterly goals. It also applies Smart Savvy’s core principle of focusing on the process rather than the overall results.  We work with teams from the beginning to the end of their year through the following program components*:

Mapping & Equipping: Facilitated OKR workshop with leadership team to pre-plan goals, objectives, values and team assignments.

Relationship Awareness: Relationships play a key role in team performance. To improve relationships and reduce  stress and conflict, we use the TotalSDI assessment tools to help leaders and teams understand how their motives drive their behaviours.

Advancing: A two-day team off-site (coordinated and managed by Smart Savvy Academy) to achieve the following:

  • Increase relationship-awareness and team effectiveness (TotalSDI)
  • Understand how organizational values underpin ‘the how’ and influence how team members show up
  • Established team and individual goals based on Divisional/Organizational goals
  • Establish metrics and accountabilities
  • Team bonding and relationship building (fun)

Measuring and Tracking: Tools and processes to lock in goals and monitor them quarterly, keep on track and assess and celebrate results.

Competency building: To maintain team momentum throughout the year, the program offers access to three workshops from Smart Savvy Academy’s roster. Whether it’s bolstering team efficiency, improving conversations and feedback or learning how to focus; you have options.

Coaching: One of the most effective ways to help your team achieve their goals and contribute to your success is to to invest in a coaching program to help increase awareness, keep the focus and remove barriers.

*Some of these components are optional and can be negotiated/adapted to suit your requirements.


This program is ideal for teams looking to make the goal setting process more intentional, measurable, relevant and satisfying, whether teams are existing or newly formed, cross-functional or project-based.

What you’ll learn

  • Clarity and alignment on annual goals and targets and how teams and individual contribute
  • Increased understanding of how to interact effectively as a team and appreciate how motives drive behaviours
  • Understand how your organizational values guide the way you work and how you show up
  • Insight into processes and tools to track goals and maximize focus
  • How to set SMART team and individual objectives for the first (and subsequent) quarter
  • How to use a key planning tool to stay focused and on track
  • Understanding of coaching, what it is and isn’t and how it can support goal achievement
  • How to improve presentation skills (practical)


  • Trust
  • Confidence
  • Experience

Corporate programs are tailored to meet the specific training and development needs of your organization. We’d be happy to work with you to plan your team’s advance to individual and team success!

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Learning Outcomes

Understand the leadership mindset and the role of leaders
Gain insights into personal leadership strengths and growth areas
Understand how to most effectively work together as a team by leveraging key strengths
Learn the five foundational elements of a highly functional teams
Build and strengthen other key leadership competencies required for your organization
Leave with a development plan on where you can add value and where focus is required
Learn how to facilitate a team strategy, take on ownership and accountability
“The team at Smart Savvy puts on outstanding events that are packed with key insights, take-aways and valuable networking opportunities, that allows self and team enrichment, and drives increased ROI for one's business."
Shafiq Jamal | Webber Shandwick
"Our leadership development experience with Smart Savvy has been transformative. As a newly formed team with an ambitious agenda, the insights, support and education we've received ensure we’re ready to lead our team and our organization into what’s next for SFU."
Kristin Linklater | Executive Director, Communications and Marketing

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