24 hours over 3 days

Coaching For Leaders Foundations

Offered in partnership with Essential Impact

Coaching For Leaders Foundations

You will learn powerful coaching and leadership skills, foundational theory, and practical competencies that you can immediately put to use at work. You’ll learn how to engage your team to maximize their individual and collective performance, and to readily adapt to change and growth in the workplace.

This program is designed for leaders at all levels of organizations, with particular benefit to managers, directors and executive leaders, human resources professionals, and team leaders in areas of communications, marketing, and sales. The program is suitable for all team leaders who are eager to create collaborative work cultures, whether in private, public, or not-for-profit sectors.

Each course is facilitated by experienced ICF Certified coaches with the Essential Impact faculty.

You will learn:

  • Systems, tools, and resources to successfully coach individuals and teams
  • Essential skills to improve both your own, and other people’s performance
  • Coach approach to promote accountability and team collaboration
  • The Strength Deployment Inventory®, a relationship awareness tool for learning and change *inventory will be completed prior to Be a Coach workshop
  • The “when, how, and why” of using coaching in the workplace


24 hours of highly interactive and experiential training delivered over 3 consecutive days. Experiential in nature, Coaching For Leaders Foundations offers award-winning coaching content, practical application/tips, originality, and creativity.  Facilitators will share their expertise and engage participants in a challenging learning experience that will actively demonstrate the link between coaching ideas, concepts, and theories and practice.  Suffice it to say there are no role-plays in this workshop only real-plays. Half or more of the time will be spent on experiential learning and active participation focused on learning new skills or techniques.

Coaching For Leaders Foundations

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Team Member

Growth Mindset. Solution-Focus. Courage.

Lead. Brave. These two words are the foundation of my entrepreneurial life and sum up my approach to coaching. I believe one leadership characteristic informs and strengthens all others: courage. I want to help you up your “courage quotient,” wrestle with tough questions, and bravely shape your future. Investing time thinking about your future self pays big dividends—coaching provides an awesome framework for doing so. Much of life and leadership can be summed up as, “You vs. Yourself” —we are most often our own biggest obstacle. We’ll work together to fine-tune goals, unpack assumptions, and uncover where you may be getting in your own way. We’ll also look to leverage your strengths and ensure you put them to good use. The caveat:  My role as a coach is not to ignite your spark (you bring that to the coaching table). However, I will definitely fan your flame. Let’s start a (big-ass) fire together. Why Coaching? People have always fascinated me—especially those who are willing to take risks and lead. I have committed the remainder of my career to helping people lead themselves, and others, better. I’ve often been told, I ask good questions. I’ve leveraged that skill throughout my career in marketing, research, recruitment, and leadership development. Coaching allows me to apply those skills to help leaders and organizations perform better by doing their “deep work.” Coaching specializations and audience Leaders and aspiring leaders with a growth mindset. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. People looking to create something from nothing. People looking to build and lead high-functioning, engaged teams. Early-stage leaders with big visions who are ready to dig deep to articulate and achieve their goals. Later-stage leaders who are looking to identify their “what next?” Credentials/Certifications  ACC (Associate Certified Coach), Certified Leadership Coach Excelerator Mastery Coaching Excelerator Essentials Coaching Total SDI Coach/Facilitator Birkman Coach/Facilitator Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Trinity Western University Corporate Clients I’ve been helping individuals and companies make smart decisions and build for success for over 25 years. Seasoned in leadership, marketing, research, team-building and recruitment, I’ve served clients in a wide variety of B2B and B2C industries, led sizable teams, and launched divisions in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.  
Team Member

Connection. Inspiration. Communication.

I am a career communicator with an extensive track record as leader in B2B organizations in a variety of industries. I believe that when it comes to our careers, we need to be in the driver’s seat, mapping our course and making decisions that serve us well and help us be our best. But the road ahead is not always clear; it may require changing lanes or even making a pit stop. Wherever you are in your career, coaching can be beneficial: helping you overcome self-doubt, tapping into your potential, and contributing to building thriving workplaces. As a coach, I am approachable, grounded, and ever so curious. I care and have an ability to genuinely connect with people and help them find their inspiration. And make no mistake, we’re not just talking about inspiration, you’re going to go places with it. Why coaching? I love asking questions. I first studied journalism, which was all about asking questions. It fuelled my curiosity. Coaching is all about being curious and asking the powerful questions that hold people fully capable of finding their own solutions and answers. There’s nothing more gratifying in witnessing people finding their power, getting to that a-ha moment and moving forward with intent. Coaching specializations and audience Leaders at all levels from C-suite and board members to emerging leaders, and aspiring ones. I work well with people who are driving their own careers as well as people who aspire to create better leaders and workplaces, engaged staff, and transformational change. Credentials/Certifications  ACC (Associate Certified Coach), Certified Leadership Coach Excelerator Mastery Coaching Excelerator Essentials Coaching Total SDI Coach/Facilitator Gallup Engagement Champion trained facilitator Marketing Communications, BCIT Journalism, Grant MacEwan University Corporate clients I have spent my career working in high-tech, bio-tech, health research, crown corporations, regulators and associations.
Team Member

Integrity. Collaboration. Inspirational.

I subscribe to a 4Ps approach to coaching: Powerful, Potential, Passionate, Perseverance. As a coach, I have an indomitable spirit bringing light into darkness; a strong backbone, and a large heart. I am talented at creating trusting and collaborative coaching partnerships focused on achieving results, and infusing fun into the process. I believe developing effective learning environments for teams to grow strong and learn new skills to build relationships while driving results is the key to organization’s success...and this is the work that gets me pumped. Why Coaching? I believe the ideal way to make an impact in an organization’s success is through their people and culture. My passion is working with leaders and teams through powerful thinking partnerships, along with developing skills that contribute to high-performing leaders who achieve outstanding results. Coaching specializations and audience All levels of leadership development, team coaching, team building, business development, coach training and facilitation. I work well with leaders who are committed to becoming their ideal self, to positively impact relationships, teams, and business decisions, and with decision makers, team leaders, and leaders who are transitioning into new roles. I also work with organizations who want to build engaged, empowered, high-achieving cultures that are driven by strong leaders. Credentials/Certifications  PCC (Professional Certified Coach), International Coaching Federation CEC (Certified Executive Coach), Royal Roads University Mentor Coaching Certificate, Royal Roads University SDI Certified DISC Certified Legacy Leadership Certified Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of British Columbia Human Resources Certification, BCIT Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University Corporate clients I have experience working with clients in the technology and communications, finance, hospitality, education sectors, and government organizations.
Team Member

Intuitive. Focused. Inquisitive.

I am a coach and facilitator who focuses on helping leaders connect their skills and experiences to their passions and purpose. I am quiet, calm, and collected and yet inquisitive and assertive…this combination creates a safe space which allows the client to be free to explore new thoughts and ideas and come to outcomes that work best for them. I love politics and studies in human improvement and leadership. I am a self-confessed political geek and enjoy keeping up with political elections and news from around the world…I’ve even been known to watch re-runs of elections even though I already know the results…a little quirky…yes. Why Coaching? I believe in, and have experienced firsthand, the powerful and empowering impact of great coaching for leaders and organizations who want to offer their best self to and for the world. Coaching specializations and audience Leadership, executives, human performance, and group and team coaching.  I work well with people who are open, and willing to be vulnerable and authentic, those who take ownership and responsibility for their decisions, and who have a desire to grow and push beyond the confines of what may be expected so they can succeed and reach their goals. Credentials/Certifications  CLC, ACC – Essential Impact, International Coaching Federation Total SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) Building Coaching Cultures certificate Coach Approach to Facilitation certificate Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Theology and Pastoral Studies Corporate clients I have experience working with client from a range of sectors including private business, entrepreneurs, and government organizations.
Team Member

Challenge. Collaboration. Clarity.

I believe that good things happen when people understand their own potential and are enabled to bring it to life. With over 25 years in financial services in senior leadership and executive roles in UK and Canada, it was clear to me I was really in the “people business.” I am passionate about partnering with people to achieve outcomes they did not at first believe were possible. Coaching is a powerful catalyst for people to be their best version of who they choose to be. I collaborate, challenge, and support coachees to define what’s possible to deliver a meaningful impact. As associate faculty in Royal Roads University’s Graduate Program in Executive Coaching, I mentor-coach emerging coaches. Actively involved in the non-profit sector for over 15 years, I currently serve on the board of an organization which provides alternate education, employment, addiction counselling and prevention services, and housing support. Amazing people doing meaningful work. Why Coaching? Coaching provides a unique opportunity to collaborate and partner in possibilities. I love being part of enabling others to define, stretch, and reach their potential. Coaching specializations and audience Executive leadership, leadership development, organizational change, mentor coaching, sales coaching, LEAN methodology and continuous improvement. I work well with people who are open to challenge and to change, are committed, and are professional. Credentials/Certifications  CEC - Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC PCC - Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation Mentor Coaching, Royal Roads University Total Strengths Deployment Inventory - Total SDI Leadership Circle Profile 360 LEAN Blackbelt (continuous improvement) Masters of Arts (Joint Honours) in Political Economy and Management Studies, Glasgow University, Scotland Corporate clients I have experience working with clients from telecommunications, finance, marketing, advertising, property development, insurance sectors, and non-profit and government organizations.
Team Member

Intuitive. Purposeful. Differentiator.

Taking a strengths-based approach, I champion the success of leaders and teams. I create an environment where people can explore, test, and integrate new skills and perspectives. It is a dynamic process, creative, purposeful, and always with sights set on what matters most to you. To my coaching I bring 20 years as a senior operations professional with over 4,500 hours of project leadership, giving me a breadth of knowledge of organizational dynamics. I also teach Coaching in Organizations at Royal Roads University, where I am forever reminded of the importance of context and systems thinking in leadership. Why Coaching? I believe that success and fulfillment come from being clear and purposeful about your goals and aspirations. For an individual or a team, to work by design, not by default. For me, coaching is anchored by the premise of boldly connecting to your best thinking and the areas that hold the great promise for success. Coaching specializations and audience Executive, leadership, and team coaching. I work well with people who strive to excel and to learn, who want to bust the status quo and stand in their strengths. Credentials/Certifications  Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, (CEC), Royal Roads University Team and Group Coaching, Advanced Coaching Certificate, Royal Roads University Professional Mentor Coaching, Advanced Coaching Certificate, Royal Roads University Bachelor of Arts, Queen’s University Human Resources Management, Ryerson University Art of Hosting, Conversational Processes and Facilitation PCC – Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF) Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) certified Legacy Leadership, certified Team Diagnostics, Team Coaching International certified Corporate clients I have experience working with clients in an array of sectors including entrepreneurs, for profit, healthcare leadership, academic leadership, and non-profit.

Coaching For Leaders Foundations

3 days /24 hours
Fort Langley or Vancouver
A curious mind and coaching persuasion
What you'll learn in this workshop

Workshop Outcomes

How to apply coaching best practices
You'll be immersed in the Excelerator coaching model -- acclaimed for incorporating the best coaching skills so you can apply them in life and at work
How to adopt a coach approach
You'll learn why asking questions is the most effective way to change thinking and eventually behaviour
How to bring focus to any coaching conversation
You'll learn the anatomy of a coaching conversation and how to use a proven approach to keep both coach and coachee on track.
How to create an environment of trust that leads to self generating power
You'll learn how to coach with/for authenticity, clarity and mutual trust
How to create adept, empowered problem solvers
You'll learn how to coach team members to become more self-reliant and solve problems on their own
How to accelerate team learning and development
You'll learn how a coach approach provides the right kind of direction and support, and helps team members to grow more quickly
How to work with team members to engage and enlighten
You'll learn how to help people become open and honest about their situation and develop a deeper self understanding
How to empower team member so they can excel
You'll learn how to coach team members to develop solutions independently so they can achieve better results on many levels
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