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Rob Gray, CLC, ACC

Intuitive. Focused. Inquisitive.

I am a coach and facilitator who focuses on helping leaders connect their skills and experiences to their passions and purpose. I am quiet, calm, and collected and yet inquisitive and assertive…this combination creates a safe space which allows the client to be free to explore new thoughts and ideas and come to outcomes that work best for them. I love politics and studies in human improvement and leadership. I am a self-confessed political geek and enjoy keeping up with political elections and news from around the world…I’ve even been known to watch re-runs of elections even though I already know the results…a little quirky…yes.

Why Coaching?

I believe in, and have experienced firsthand, the powerful and empowering impact of great coaching for leaders and organizations who want to offer their best self to and for the world.

Coaching specializations and audience

Leadership, executives, human performance, and group and team coaching.  I work well with people who are open, and willing to be vulnerable and authentic, those who take ownership and responsibility for their decisions, and who have a desire to grow and push beyond the confines of what may be expected so they can succeed and reach their goals.


  • CLC, ACC – Essential Impact, International Coaching Federation
  • Total SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory)
  • Building Coaching Cultures certificate
  • Coach Approach to Facilitation certificate
  • Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Theology and Pastoral Studies

Corporate clients

I have experience working with client from a range of sectors including private business, entrepreneurs, and government organizations.