Peter Reek, ACC, CLC

Growth Mindset. Solution-Focus. Courage.

Lead. Brave.

These two words are the foundation of my entrepreneurial life and sum up my approach to coaching. I believe one leadership characteristic informs and strengthens all others: courage. I want to help you up your “courage quotient,” wrestle with tough questions, and bravely shape your future. Investing time thinking about your future self pays big dividends—coaching provides an awesome framework for doing so. Much of life and leadership can be summed up as, “You vs. Yourself” —we are most often our own biggest obstacle. We’ll work together to fine-tune goals, unpack assumptions, and uncover where you may be getting in your own way. We’ll also look to leverage your strengths and ensure you put them to good use.

The caveat:  My role as a coach is not to ignite your spark (you bring that to the coaching table). However, I will definitely fan your flame.

Let’s start a (big-ass) fire together.

Why Coaching?

People have always fascinated me—especially those who are willing to take risks and lead. I have committed the remainder of my career to helping people lead themselves, and others, better. I’ve often been told, I ask good questions. I’ve leveraged that skill throughout my career in marketing, research, recruitment, and leadership development. Coaching allows me to apply those skills to help leaders and organizations perform better by doing their “deep work.”

Coaching specializations and audience

Leaders and aspiring leaders with a growth mindset. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. People looking to create something from nothing. People looking to build and lead high-functioning, engaged teams. Early-stage leaders with big visions who are ready to dig deep to articulate and achieve their goals. Later-stage leaders who are looking to identify their “what next?”


  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach), Certified Leadership Coach
  • Excelerator Mastery Coaching
  • Excelerator Essentials Coaching
  • Total SDI Coach/Facilitator
  • Birkman Coach/Facilitator
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Trinity Western University

Corporate Clients

I’ve been helping individuals and companies make smart decisions and build for success for over 25 years. Seasoned in leadership, marketing, research, team-building and recruitment, I’ve served clients in a wide variety of B2B and B2C industries, led sizable teams, and launched divisions in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.