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Faris Khalifeh, BBA

Engaging. Intuitive. Connector.

I coach introverts to overcome the challenges they face and leverage their natural way of being. Together, we will work through a series of personalized exercises and assessments to help you uncover who you really and build on your own natural strengths to thrive in your business and life. We will start by exploring your personality type, values, key strengths and purpose. From there, we will examine each area of your life and assess  any imbalances, and make an action plan to help you achieve your goals in your personal and professional life.

I coach clients from all around the world with different backgrounds, cultures, and industries, focusing on uncovering what is true and unique about them and assist in building on their key strengths.

Additionally, I teach business, leadership, and personal development courses at various colleges, run multiple mastermind groups, leadership roundtables, and facilitate corporate training and seminars. I also offer training to help human resource professionals and managers work more effectively with introverted employees. I’m a former member of the Board of Directors for the Vancouver International Coach Federation (ICF). I am also the founder of the Vancouver Quiet Leadership Community where I hosts monthly events to support quiet leaders.

Before becoming a coach, I worked at some of the top advertising agencies in the world, managing Fortune 500 clients including General Motors, Procter & Gamble, and BlackBerry.

Why Coaching?

Uncovering my personality type helped me to understand myself better and be true to myself. I stepped into my power and claimed my strength to navigate in a loud world. That inspired me to assist other introvert personality types in their own journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.

Coaching specializations and audience

Quiet Leadership – coaching people with introverted personality types. I work well with introvert personality types in the corporate and advertising world.


  • Certified Coach and Wellness Counsellor, Rhodes Wellness College
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, American University in Dubai

Corporate clients

I have experience working with clients in advertising/media agencies, private industry and not-for-profit/government organizations.