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Colin Macrae, CLC

Authenticity. Positivity. Action.

I provide coaching to leaders and marketers who embrace an outcome-oriented, positive and human-centric approach to personal development and growth. As a coach, my commitment is to an authentic, humour-infused, and purposefully intimate approach that propels clients to outcomes that matter. I am hugely passionate about how the power of collaboration is fundamental to how we grow and evolve within our work lives, and I bring a fully collaborative and supportive approach to all my coaching relationships. Bringing a marketer’s mindset to the discipline of coaching and through a full commitment to authenticity, I support clients in understanding and nurturing their personal brand, growing their superpowers in communications and executive presence, and creating life strategies that help them get unprecedented fulfillment inside and outside of work.

In addition, I am a Certified Designing Your Life Coach. This innovative program takes a design-based approach to building a more purposeful and fulfilling life and career. Over the past two years, I have led dozens of people through this process and now bring the Designing Your Life toolset and philosophy to clients, no matter their life or career stage.

Why Coaching?

First and foremost, I’ve experienced immense purpose and benefit from coaching in my professional life. Over the past several years, a coach has skillfully led me to personal insights, action and fulfillment I never believed possible. After a 25+ year career in communications and marketing, I’ve added coaching to my professional purpose to unlock my learnings, insights, and relationship skills to help clients achieve better in their lives. No matter where you are in the continuum of your life, I fundamentally believe coaching is one of the most positive actions you can take for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

Coaching specializations and audience

Leaders, executives, marketers, and people striving to build a more purposeful, fulfilling life inside and outside of work. I excel working with people who are passionate about building and nurturing their personal brands, and bringing that authentic brand to life in their leadership development. I also thrive working with clients who operate in complex, global organizations that are ever-evolving and move at a fast pace, having lived this experience for close to 15 years in marketing leadership roles with Electronic Arts.


  • Certified Leadership Coach – Essential Impact,
  • Excelerator Mastery Coaching
  • Excelerator Essentials Coaching
  • Certified Designing Your Life Coach
  • Bachelor Degree in Political Science

Corporate Clients

I have experience working with clients in a wide spectrum of industries and settings, including marketing, sports, technology, entertainment, and non-profit.