Catherine Ducharme, ACC, CLC

Connection. Inspiration. Communication.

I am a career communicator with an extensive track record as leader in B2B organizations in a variety of industries. I believe that when it comes to our careers, we need to be in the driver’s seat, mapping our course and making decisions that serve us well and help us be our best. But the road ahead is not always clear; it may require changing lanes or even making a pit stop. Wherever you are in your career, coaching can be beneficial: helping you overcome self-doubt, tapping into your potential, and contributing to building thriving workplaces. As a coach, I am approachable, grounded, and ever so curious. I care and have an ability to genuinely connect with people and help them find their inspiration. And make no mistake, we’re not just talking about inspiration, you’re going to go places with it.

Why coaching?

I love asking questions. I first studied journalism, which was all about asking questions. It fuelled my curiosity. Coaching is all about being curious and asking the powerful questions that hold people fully capable of finding their own solutions and answers. There’s nothing more gratifying in witnessing people finding their power, getting to that a-ha moment and moving forward with intent.

Coaching specializations and audience

Leaders at all levels from C-suite and board members to emerging leaders, and aspiring ones. I work well with people who are driving their own careers as well as people who aspire to create better leaders and workplaces, engaged staff, and transformational change.


  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach), Certified Leadership Coach
  • Excelerator Mastery Coaching
  • Excelerator Essentials Coaching
  • Total SDI Coach/Facilitator
  • Gallup Engagement Champion trained facilitator
  • Marketing Communications, BCIT
  • Journalism, Grant MacEwan University

Corporate clients

I have spent my career working in high-tech, bio-tech, health research, crown corporations, regulators and associations.