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Increase Your Leadership Quotient

Strengthen your ability to lead and influence alongside other Vancouver leaders (and aspiring leaders). Join us at a scheduled workshop, Leader Lounge, or coaching program, and prepare to learn, be inspired, and gain forward momentum, while meeting others and building your network.

Our scheduled events can also be brought to your workplace or organization for the opportunity to include more members of your team and focus your learning results where needed.

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With our Six Pack Workshop Pass you purchase six tickets at a price of five. Register today, or save some for later. You can use them yourself or bring your team.

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Upcoming Events

Smart Savvy Academy offers events in three formats:

Leader Lounge:  Our Leader Lounge events are 2- to 3-hour sessions that are offered in the early morning and evening. Each session delivers a wallop of learning, networking, snacks, and yes, some fun! We tackle relevant topics around leadership, career development, team engagement, and workplace culture, through books, case studies, panels and discussions. Great for teams to attend together, or to come out and make some new professional connections.

Workshops: Smart Savvy Academy’s in-class workshops engage (and entertain) participants through exploration, discussion, feedback, and experiential learning. Workshops range from a half day, full day, or multiple days in length, and they enable you to bring usable takeaways and practical know-hows back to the office. These workshops are open to individuals or small teams looking for focused learning. We also offer on-demand workshops where we bring the learning to you and your team.

Coaching Programs: Whether you want to become a certified coach or simply develop your coaching skill as a leader, Smart Savvy offers three programs: a) Coaching Essentials (3-day sprint). b) Coaching Mastery (5-day sprint) and 3) Mentor Coaching – designed to reinforce, solidify, and practice the learning (10 hours over 3 months). Take one module or all three, or  make the decision as you go.

"Leader Lounge provided a holding space to create and encourage leadership conversations with a great group of like-minded professionals. Elevating the Leadership Quotient in Vancouver."
John Kennedy | True Calling Canada
"Leader Lounge is an inspiring and activating start to your day. I liked that it gave me both high level and immediately implementable takeaways - I've shared some of the learnings with my team already."
Zach Bulick | Benifactor Capital Inc.
"Always very valuable to hear from an experienced and articulate leader with a compelling message. Especially the "how the information was used" in a few real life examples. Thank you! And thanks for the slide deck for review - it helped to fill in some holes in my notes! Appreciated the "fun" atmosphere and great energy of your team. A small investment for a big return on both time and money. Thank you!"
Michelle Desreux | Executive Intrapreneur
"The presentation was engaging and provided me with a number of useful concepts/ideas to implement at my organization."
Joel Holloway | CFO Metric Modular
"The team at Smart Savvy puts on outstanding events that are packed with key insights, take-aways and valuable networking opportunities, that allows self and team enrichment, and drives increased ROI for one's business."
Shafiq Jamal | Webber Shandwick
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Check out our workshops!

If you have enjoyed our Leader Lounges, or want something a bit more in-depth, consider a half-day or full-day workshop. Smart Savvy Academy’s workshops cover particular topics or areas of knowledge, give participants hands-on experiences, and send them back to the office with useable takeaways and practical know-how.

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At Smart Savvy, we meet a lot of great leaders. Leaders who stand apart for their ability to think, communicate, influence, mentor, strategize, deliver results, and ignite passion. We think they deserve a stage.