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Why would I want a coach?

A coach is a powerful ally in achieving your professional and personal goals. Finding a coach can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve built a pool of Smart Savvy qualified coaches—to help make the process of getting the 1:1 guidance you want more strategic than serendipitous. We help match you with a great coach, guarantee a solid fit, and put together a customized package perfectly suited to your needs.

Who is coaching for?


Elevate your leadership skills to top performance level, with the aim to effectively lead strategic change at an executive level. The highest performing leaders understand the integral connection of performance and results, for both their own leadership ability and for the teams they lead. In this program, you’ll be coached to strategically prioritize and develop action plans to achieve the business results you desire.

Emerging Leaders

Develop the leadership skills of team members at all levels of the organization and create greater depth of skills to immediately impact teams, and create opportunities for future growth. Early identification and nurturing of potential leaders with an organization is a development opportunity for high-achieving employees, and a competitive differentiator for businesses. In this program, emerging leaders will be coached to discover their successful leadership traits and skills, and to seek out opportunities to continually develop and perform at high levels.

Initial Impact Leadership (First 100 Days)

A newly appointed leader’s impact on an organization is shaped in the first days, and weeks, of starting their new role. While recruited or promoted for many skills including the ability to lead, the practical execution of confident and knowledgeable leadership is under keen observation during those crucial initial weeks. In this program, you will be coached to empower yourself to make a difference and to successfully find your own best path to leadership excellence.

Coaching Stories

Coaching Stories - Kristin Linklater of Simon Fraser University