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Vancouver, BC Canada
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Hierarchal command and control environments are giving way to flatter, more collaborative, distributed-authority environments. Organizations are operating in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. There’s also a significant shift in what people are looking for from workplaces beyond a paycheque and benefits. For many, today’s work world is about new incomes; human flourishing, personal satisfaction, meaningfulness, happiness. This pursuit of new incomes may represent the biggest shift in the work-reward equation.

All of this impacts the way we work, lead, build culture, and operate our organizations. The future of business depends on your people’s ability to continually learn, develop, adapt and innovate. If you aren’t developing your people you are falling behind.

Enter coaching. Coaching is slowly shifting from a luxury reserved for the executive office to a powerful tool, accessible to all leaders and even teams across organizations. There’s evidence that coaching and coaching cultures provide the best conditions for learning/developing because it empowers people to generate their own solutions and control their own development. Leaders who adopt a coaching-leadership style (rather than a traditional directive one) see increased performance, retention and engagement and organizations with strong coaching cultures report above-average revenue growth.

Workshop objectives: Participants will be able to make the case that coaching cultures can help an organization succeed—in the present and future—by developing its most important asset: people. They will also leave with and understanding of what coaching is (and isn’t), how it works and how it can be applied and how to get buy-in.

This interactive one-day workshop includes coaching demonstrations, allows for discussion and real-play, and is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Cultures of Success

Session 1: Cultures are shaped by everyone but begin with what leaders create and allow

Session 2: The future of business depends on the development of people

Part 2: Why Coaching?

Session 3: Good questions spur good growth

Session 4: Coaching tools—and how to sharpen them

Session 5: Coaching for everyone

Part 3: How to Start?

Session 6: Coaching toward shared goals

Session 7: First Steps

Session 8. Conclusion

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Vancouver, BC Canada
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