The Coaching Culture

May 31 | 2018
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May 31, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
#200, 225 W 8th Ave Vancouver, V5Y 1N3 Canada
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Cultures that Coach.

Coaching brings real transformation, lasting change and impressive results.


When coaching permeates an organization, something amazing happens. Trust emerges. Motivation swells. Teams unite. Businesses grow. People accomplish more; they engage and stay.

At its core, a coach approach holds people wholly capable to have honest conversations, dig deep, identify barriers, explore options, and make good decisions to help them achieve and their teams thrive. It’s about being curious and asking the questions that get to the truth, shed light, unleash potential, and propel people forward. Leaders who take a coach approach see increased performance, retention and engagement. Additionally, organizations with strong coaching cultures report above-average revenue growth.

This interactive workshop provides insights on what a coaching culture is, how it works, and why it goes together with goal setting. In this session, participants also experience the power of giving and receiving coaching.


This workshop is for leaders and organizations exploring coaching as a catalyst for human transformation, accomplishment, well-being, and results

What you’ll learn

  • What coaching is and what it isn’t
  • The myths of coaching
  • The business case for coaching
  • The neuroscience of non-directive vs directive
  • Goal setting and coaching (process/results)
  • Why and how coaching cultures work
  • Best practices for implementing coaching
  • Internal vs external coaching
  • Getting your leadership team on board
Peter Reek
Peter Reek

Smart, Savvy + Associates , Founder + CEO

Leader, entrepreneur and boots-on-the-ground optimist, Peter founded Smart Savvy 11 years ago as a response to a gap in the recruitment industry. Today, with the launch of Smart Savvy Academy, he’s firmly planted the company in the ‘People Performance’ business. The Academy delivers meaningful training experiences designed to accelerate performance and elevate business results. As a leader, entrepreneur, and specialist in group moderation and facilitation, Peter brings an experienced, people-first perspective. He’s passionately believes that in work and life, People are the Plan™.

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#200, 225 W 8th Ave Vancouver, V5Y 1N3 Canada
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