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Vancouver, BC Canada
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How to ensure your leadership style and workplace experience appeals to Millennials.


Millennials comprise the biggest generation in today’s workplace. Companies and leaders who want to continue to succeed in business need clarity on how to lead, motivate, develop, challenge, and ultimately attract, engage, and retain this generation. Far from the stereotype of unreliable, dis-loyal job hoppers, Millennials, like all generations before them, want to contribute, grow, and bring their best selves to work. They’ll just want to do it a little differently than generations past.

This workshop explores the context that has shaped Millennial values and motivations, and how they like to be led and managed. It challenges leaders to understand themselves and how they lead others.  And it provides insights into how organizations can shift mindset and processes to create and deliver a sustained rewarding and motivating workplace experience that Millennials will love.

You’ll learn:

  • The “generational personality” (characteristics) of the Millennial workforce and the context that shapes it
  • Myths and perceptions about this generation and how understanding their values can be a strategy to bridge divides
  • How to adapt your leadership style to the unique preferences of each of your team members
  • How assessments can help leaders understand and better adapt to the unique communication and work preferences of your team members
  • What leadership and career development looks like from a Millennial perspective
  • Best practices for working with Millennial preferences to increase motivation, performance, and retention

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Tricianne Kasuvuchi
Tricianne Kasuvuchi

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers , Manager, Talent Management & Leadership Development

Tricianne is an experienced Talent Development Specialist who’s worked in learning and leadership development for over 22 years, including 12 years at retailing giant, Best Buy Canada, where she identified best practices for motivating, communicating, and developing the millennial workforce. In her current role as Manager of Talent Management and Leadership Development at Ritchie Bros., she leads a team who designs, develops, and implements organization-wide strategies around talent management, succession planning, performance management, and leadership development. Accredited in many programs, including Prosci Change Management, she is passionate about developing leaders at all levels and providing dynamic learning experiences through role play and engaged collaboration.
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Vancouver, BC Canada
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