How To Have Powerful Conversations | Breakfast Session

November 21 | 2018
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November 21
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
590 W Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3 Canada
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How mastering the art of conversation drives career success.

Conversations in the workplace can build a relationship, provide feedback, lead a team, coach an individual, or courageously tackle a difficult topic. But for many, conversations are profoundly uncomfortable and anxiety inducing, not only because of our own self-doubt and self-talk (who’d be interested in what I have to say?) but because we fear the unknown. Will I be rejected or judged? Will this lead to confrontation? What if I don’t know how to respond? Being a good conversationalist requires us to be brave and vulnerable.

Candid, caring, and productive conversations are essential in operating any organization because they build trust, understanding, alignment, and relationships and they fuel performance. Your ability to master the art of conversation in all its forms can help you stand apart as a team member and/or leader. Join us for an interactive Leader Lounge on November 6th as we delve into the topic of powerful conversations. You’ll get to real-play different types of conversations and will leave with valuable tips and increased confidence.

Catherine Ducharme
Catherine Ducharme

Smart, Savvy + Associates , Director of Client Services

Catherine is a leader, communicator, coach, and entrepreneur. She has a great depth of experience leading teams, building companies, providing executive communications counsel, and delivering workshops. As Director of Client Services and Human Resources with Smart Savvy, and a Smart Savvy Academy Faculty member, Catherine contributes daily to our purpose, which is to make work more meaningful, leaders more potent, and teams more productive and engaged.
Peter Reek
Peter Reek

Smart, Savvy + Associates , Founder + CEO

Leader, entrepreneur and boots-on-the-ground optimist, Peter founded Smart Savvy 11 years ago as a response to a gap in the recruitment industry. Today, with the launch of Smart Savvy Academy, he’s firmly planted the company in the ‘People Performance’ business. The Academy delivers meaningful training experiences designed to accelerate performance and elevate business results. As a leader, entrepreneur, and specialist in group moderation and facilitation, Peter brings an experienced, people-first perspective. He’s passionately believes that in work and life, People are the Plan™.

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How To Have Powerful Conversations
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590 W Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3 Canada
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