Feedback is my Friend | Vancouver Morning Session

November 21 | 2018
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November 21, 2018
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
590 W Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3 Canada
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Leader Lounge

Feedback is our friend — it makes us stronger. Feedback opens doors for growth, insight, and self-awareness. But let’s face it, we don’t often provide feedback well. And, truth be told, we can be even worse at receiving it.

Learning the truth about ourselves can be simultaneously invigorating and painstaking. Being open to feedback doesn’t mean we have to take it all at face value, but how we engage in feedback conversations makes all the difference. Every feedback conversation, no matter how clumsy, has the potential to be constructive when we view feedback as a gift.

Who is this Leader Lounge for:

Leaders looking to become better at giving constructive feedback and receiving feedback well (even when it’s delivered poorly).

The format:

This highly participative Leader Lounge will use dialogue, real-play, coaching demos, and reflection to understand why feedback is hard to give and receive, and to hone our skills for doing both better.

What you will learn:

This session will demystify the emotions we all experience when receiving or delivering feedback. If you lead people or have received slipshod feedback in the past, this session will help better equip you to provide productive feedback and ensure an open posture when receiving it.

We’ll discuss:

  • the three main types of feedback that work and when to use them
  • how to avoid knee-jerk reactions and propensity to favouritism
  • how to extract valuable info about you, your performance and the givers’ true intentions when you receive feedback
  • the art of keeping yourself accountable when receiving feedback

This workshop previews material from our one-day workshop and highlights some of the key modules offered in our 12-month Leader’s Journey program.


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590 W Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3 Canada
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