Closing the Sale and other Myths

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Vancouver, BC Canada
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How to provide your customers with opportunities to close your sales.    


The truth is you can’t close the sale. You never will close a sale. The role of the salesperson is to provide customers with the opportunity to close the sale because, the customer closes the sale. This workshop takes the focus off the stressful American sales model of push-push, close-close, and puts it on the Japanese model of selling which focuses on the sales process: taking one step at a time toward the customer’s decision to close the sale. In addition to original content is draws information from Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, a cognitive scientist, business coach, and best-selling author of Wombat Selling and NewSell.


The audience is for sales leaders and managers as well as other leaders who believe the process leads to results.

What you’ll learn

  • Why following a system breeds long-term success
  • How focusing on the customer and the sales process generates increased sales
  • The process of “unchecked to checked”
  • The key steps to managing the process
  • Changing the mindset: selling is not a skill of the mouth, it’s a skill of the brain

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James Bustard
James Bustard

Smart, Savvy + Associates , Client Services Manager / Recruitment Consultant

James is passionate about the psychology of sales, and how varying methods have differing outcomes and impact on the people involved (specifically on the seller’s "grit" or ability to be persistent). With experience selling “intangible products,” he is devoted to understanding the core needs of the consumer and how meaningful products can solve key pain points. Smart Savvy’s mantra People are the Plan™ sums up James’ personal beliefs and professional drive to invest in the people side of any business.
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Vancouver, BC Canada
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