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Savvy leaders know that big-picture performance calls for long-term thinking.

Our corporate programs are centred on the process, because we know that results come from working skillfully with intention and focus. We also believe teams that journey and learn together over an extended period, reap the benefits of learning that sticks, stronger working relationships, increased alignment, and results-focused clarity.

Our corporate programs take your leadership and working teams on an immersive, interactive journey of self-discovery, competency building, and practical application.

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We’re honoured to be part of our clients’ growth (and grateful to have them be part of our growth, too).

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If you're looking for targeted learning for you or your team, consider attending one of our full- or half-day open workshops. We can also deliver customized on-site workshops to your team.

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Strengthen your ability to lead and influence alongside other Vancouver leaders (and aspiring leaders). Join us at our monthly Leader Lounge forum to get a peek into the key themes behind Smart Savvy Academy’s four tracks by:

  • Studying insights and ideas in top-ranked business books
  • Exchanging experiences and engaging in meaningful discussions with peers
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