About Smart Savvy Academy

Our Vision

We exist to make leaders more potent, teams more productive, people more engaged, and work more meaningful—all with the goal of generating gob-smacking results.

Our Mantra
People Are the Plan™

In business as in life, people are always the plan. The best laid plans always fall flat without the right people to drive them. Smart Savvy helps you harness people power with a one-two punch:

Academy—program to help you grow, develop, and keep your people engaged through inspired leadership, teams that thrive, and cultures that rock

Recruiting— specialized marketing, communications, and sales recruitment that ensures your team (and your company) is strengthened with increased productivity, stability, and energy.

Why is this such a knockout combination? Simple. If you hire a superstar for your team, but your organization isn’t ready to let their value make an impact, they won’t stay. The formula for keeping the best people is a blend of vision, leadership, culture—we help teams (and organizations) develop so they can attract, grow, and retain extraordinary talent to help drive extraordinary business results.

Our Method
Boots-on-the-Ground Approach to Learning

With our boots-on-the-ground approach, Smart Savvy Academy creates relevant learning experiences you can apply directly to your business and coaching experiences that help you accomplish more. Our aim is to give teams a common language and practice to reach for the biggest business goals you can dream up together.

Faculty are chosen for their specific expertise within the four tracks of our program. Our training programs are hands-on and interactive, and we make a point to get to know your team, and have fun along the way.

Our Story

Ten Years of Insights into Business Excellence

We’ve been in the business of specialized recruitment since 2007, helping recruit A-players for companies throughout the Pacific Northwest (and in Toronto). We have first-hand experience interviewing over 7,000 candidates and we know what people are looking for, why they stay (and why they leave!). We’ve also worked with hundreds of companies in their search for their next star team member and we understand what companies need, want, and expect.

Four years ago, we started Leader Lounge: monthly events designed to start conversations, expand our minds and our networks, and help raise the leadership quotient. In all of our conversations, we’ve learned people don’t just want jobs, they want to be developed. Meet the Smart Savvy Academy: meaningful training experiences designed to accelerate performance and elevate business results.

Smart Savvy Academy is the natural extension of what we’ve already been doing. We know that People are the Plan and we have a passion for making work more meaningful, leaders more potent, and teams more productive and engaged. We’ll work with you to create learning experiences to develop leaders who inspire, teams that thrive and cultures that rock.

Smart Savvy’s commitment to providing rapid access to marketing, communications and sales professionals through talent acquisition is unwavering. We love it. We are good at it, and we’ll continue to find #standapart candidates to fuel your organization.

Smart Savvy Academy site in historic Fort Langley
Your Place, Or Ours?

Training Venues

Dynamic Settings to Meet Your Needs

Smart Savvy Academy curriculum can be delivered in a number of settings to meet your objectives:

  1. We come to you
  2. We plan your offsite for you:
  • Smart Savvy Academy offers a state-of-the-art training space in the heart of historic Fort Langley which offers a natural setting away from the regular demands of the workplace
  • We partner with beautiful spaces in Vancouver and retreat centres in Whistler to build the best learning environment for your team


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Smart Savvy team members, ready to serve your needs
State-of-the-art training facility
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