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Coaching is recognized as the single most effective resource for moving individuals, teams, and organizations towards their goals.

We can help match you with a great coach, guarantee a solid fit, and put together a customized package perfectly suited to your needs.

Or we can help you and your leaders become inspiring, proficient, results-driven, certified coaches through Smart Savvy.

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Taught by Industry Leaders, For Industry Leaders

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Accelerate performance. Elevate results.

 From coaching, conversations and decision making to creativity, engagement and performance management, Smart Savvy Academy offers umpteen workshops to sharpen your mind and skills and power up workplace performance.

Increase your Leadership Quotient

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Strengthen your ability to lead and influence alongside other Vancouver leaders (and aspiring leaders). Join us at our upcoming events and webinars to get a peek into our programs and workshops while meeting others and building your network.

Smart Savvy Blog

Learn from the best of the best. Original content created by the Smart Savvy team, industry experts, and thought leaders (many we’re proud to count as Smart Savvy Academy faculty). Explore the big ideas behind our four tracks with common-sense insights about culture and engagement, and the why and how-to behind excellence in leadership, team, and marketing performance.

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What People Are Saying

"Our leadership development experience with Smart Savvy has been transformative. As a newly formed team with an ambitious agenda, the insights, support and education we've received ensure we’re ready to lead our team and our organization into what’s next for SFU."
Kristin Linklater | Executive Director, Communications and Marketing
"The team at Smart Savvy puts on outstanding events that are packed with key insights, take-aways and valuable networking opportunities, that allows self and team enrichment, and drives increased ROI for one's business."
Shafiq Jamal | Webber Shandwick
"I agree with Smart Savvy's trademark People are the Plan; however, even the best people will not succeed when led poorly. The Smart Savvy Academy is the natural evolution of their very successful Leader Lounge program which has been upping the Leadership Quotient of Vancouver's influencers for several years. Having worked firsthand with this team, I'm confident of the value this program will bring."
Dale Lutz | Co-CEO, Safe Software
"Leader Lounge provided a holding space to create and encourage leadership conversations with a great group of like-minded professionals. Elevating the Leadership Quotient in Vancouver."
John Kennedy | True Calling Canada
"The Leader Lounge experience equals executive coaching meets executive networking. High-quality content, experience, and connection."
Geoff Dittrich | Partner, Ink LLP
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